The Place to be: Mykonos

Welcome back to “The Place to be”. This time we enjoyed a short trip to Mykonos just to relax and enjoy good food. Mykonos is a small Greek Island with the typical Greek flair, narrow roads, white houses and wonderful food.

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The Place to be: Florence

This is my first post in a new series of posts “The Place to be”. It`s all about top locations for food, sightseeing and shopping in cities all over the place.

I’ll start with Florence, Italy because that is the last amazing place i`ve been. Either you search for good Italian restaurants, for Italian style renaissance buildings, shopping or Italian food to buy, Florence is the place to be.

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My Koga Miyata Gentsluxe-S Roadbike

I never liked road bikes, since I thought you can not have a lot of fun with it. But if you are in the city with your DH bike on the road, you realise: the dimension of your tires makes a difference. Because in Zürich going to work, I ride a lot on the road, I decided to get a old road bike fitting my needs having at least some gears.

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Tea time

I`ve a weakness for tea (of course for coffee too), big cups and mugs… I guess that`s the reason why I love the way you are served tea in UK.
In London I had one of my best Chai tea. Just opening the tea bag…awww…the aroma takes you straight to India.
The Chai Black is strong, spicy, delicious and stays true to flavours of the Indian classic tea…mmh…